Media Buzz!

We’ve been lucky enough to have our Meet Up posted on a couple different media outlets! Check these out for more information about the event and interviews with your hosts!

2012 Media Shout-Outs

  1. When Nerds Attack: “Once again Christine is putting together a “White Collar” fan party during San Diego Comic Con! She estimates that last year they had around 30 people attend, with people coming and going throughout the night. Fox Managements even showed up and brought some DVD’s and other goodies for them to giveaway! The party featured games, a photo booth and all types of fun. Here’s a little Q&A with Christine!…” [read more]
  2. Red Dot Diva: “Nope. This is not a Scam. There is indeed a White Collar Fan Party during Comic-Con! Peter Burke wouldn’t lie about that! 😉 While the organizers think there will be a slim chance that any of the White Collar cast or crew will be at San Diego for the party (the series will still be in production then), Red Dot Diva thinks it will still worth hustling down to The Lime to hang out with fellow WC fans for some games and laughter. The hosts Christine and Jolene have both been very friendly and lovely on the social networks, and Red Dot Diva believes they will do a fabulous job organizing this year’s party…” [read more]
  3. Polish Center: White Collar page (International Website): “To nie jest oszustwo, tylko White Collar Fan Party, które rozpocznie się tuż przed tegorocznym Comic-Con. Peter Burke po lewej nie kłamie! 😉 To prawda! Organizatorzy do końca nie wiedzą czy ktoś z załogi Naszego ulubionego serialu pojawi się na imprezie w San Diego (w tym czasie nadal będą kręcić) jednak mają nadzieje że fani spędzą dobrze ten czas. Organizatorki Christine i Jolene prowadzą własną stronę dotyczącą spotkania, gdzie znajdziecie wszystkie informacje, oraz ćwierkają na Twitterze świeże newsy…” [read more]
  4. Outside Comic Con: “Fans of USA’s White Collar are hosting their 2nd annual party this year during Comic-Con. It will be held Friday, July 13th, 8pm at The Lime (653 5th Ave., San Diego, CA, 92101). Last year’s party looks like it was a blast, so expect the same this year!…” [read more]
  5. Evico: “7/13/2012 8pm White Collar Fan Party at the Lime

2011 Media Shout-Outs

  1. When Nerds Attack: “If you’re a fan of the USA Network show “White Collar” this post is for you. I’d like you to meet Christine (@ChristineLive). She’s working on organizing a “White Collar” fan meet-up at San Diego Comic Con. She has some help though! The other Twitter fans helping to plan the party are: Caitlin (@losttribe), Carianne (@RandomPenguin), Katelyn (@Katylyn89) and Jolene (@JoleneGolightly). She’s been a huge fan of White Collar since the pilot aired on USA. Fortunately, the show and the writers are really great to the fans online so it’s really easy to connect with the fanbase on Twitter. I love the show as well and hope to be able to add this event to my list of “To Do’s” while in San Diego. Christine was nice enough to answer a few questions about her meet-up!…” [read more]… UPDATE: When Nerds Attack updates our time and location of Meet Up!
  2. San Diego Comic Con Unofficial Blog: White Collar Fan Meetup – Thursday July 21st – Fans of the popular USA series White Collar are sure to come out in droves to The Lime Tequila Bar for this meet and greet. Trivia, food, and games will compliment the chance to meet fellow Collar watchers at this completely free event. More details can be found (I expect the bar location will merit an Ages 21+ requirement)… [read more]
  3. Glass Onion: Though those of you on Twitter already know this, I’m officially announcing it here and on Facebook to all my friends. This year, at San Diego Comic Con, we’re throwing a White Collar Fan party and you should all join us!…[read more]

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