Welcome to the official information page for the White Collar fan party at San Diego Comic Con 2012!   We’re glad you’re considering joining us and hope you have tons of fun at the event!!

First, please be sure to sign up to our e-mail list through the “JOIN THE PARTY” tab above. We want to make sure you stay informed about when and where the party will take place.

Feel free to invite your friends and other fans! Even if you don’t have a ticket to Comic Con, join us for the party! Make sure to let us know who is coming, so we can get them on the list too.

What: White Collar Tweet Up/ Fan Gathering

When: Friday, July 13th 2012

Where: The Lime 653 5th Avenue  San Diego, CA 92101 (Gaslamp district; walking distance from The Convention Center)

This will be the second annual White Collar fan party at SDCC. The first was a huge success in 2011. Check out some of the photos in the WC AT SDCC tab above!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Diana Pena! says:

    I feel really dumb asking this…but is White Collar going to be at Comic Con this year (if so what day) or our y’all just advertising the party?
    PS- I REALLY want that bracelet!(:

  2. Hey Diana! That is not a dumb question since we are all still waiting to find out. We are just running the fan party and will definitely have the party regardless of whether USA decides to send White Collar or not. We don’t know yet because USA has not made that known to anyone. Last year, we did find out before it was announced, but we usually wait for USA to officially make that announcement. Most likely, USA will divulge the shows they are sending closer to July. The exact day may not be known until the programming line up is released 2 weeks prior to Comic Con.

    As for the bracelet: We are really glad you are excited about it! We will decide to sell them as soon as we have enough interest to know that we can afford it. The best way for you to help us at this point is to tell all your friends and have them fill out our poll. Thanks!

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