Order by 6/29/12 to get Bracelets before Comic Con

Thank you to everyone who has been ordering a White Collar Rubber Bracelet. If you still have not ordered yours, have no fear! We have plenty left and you may order one at any time. However, if you’d like to receive your order BEFORE Comic Con on July 12th, you must have your order/payment sent to us by Friday, June 29th. Send me an e-mail as soon as possible, so I can send you your order form and you can get that mailed with your payment. The payment needs to arrive by this Friday in order for us to guarantee that you’ll receive your bracelet in time for the convention.

Remember: If you are attending the convention and want to stop by our White Collar party, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs and your bracelets will only be $2 each. Furthermore, if you are not attending the convention and don’t need to have your bracelet before Comic Con, you can order yours anytime. We will continue to sell the bracelets well after the convention until our supply runs out.

Again, this only applies to people who either cannot pick up their bracelet at our party, or want to wear their bracelets at the convention before our party.

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One thought on “Order by 6/29/12 to get Bracelets before Comic Con

  1. Kirubel says:

    Best movie I ever seen

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