White Collar Wristbands! Order now!

They are finally here! In order to help fund the party and get all you fans some cool party favors, we are selling “I’d rather be watching White Collar” wristbands. We got a good response to our poll (asking if anyone would be interested in purchasing a wristband), so we appreciate those of you who replied.

Orders: We are doing all wristband orders through e-mail. If you would like to order wristbands, please send us an e-mail to whitecollarfansatsdcc@gmail.com. Let us know how many wristbands you would like to order, where you would like us to ship them to, and we will respond with your receipt. Please see the below list for an approximation on price and shipping.

  • Wristbands for Comic Con attendees: $2 each + $0 shipping (pick up only available at WC Fan Party)
  • Wristbands for international fans: $2 each + TBD shipping. (Shipping will be calculated on an individual basis)
  • 1 wristband for non-attendees: $2 each + $0.85 shipping = $2.85
  • 3 wristbands for non-attendees: $2 each + $2.50 shipping = $8.50
  • NOTE: we can handle larger orders, but shipping will be determined on an individual basis.

Payments: We accept cash or check. I apologize that we cannot do payments online. When you e-mail us your order, we will respond with details for payment. We will send the bracelets as soon as the money is received.

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