USA Won’t Send WC to SDCC but Fans Will Be There Anyway!

You may have heard by now that USA Network will not be sending White Collar to Comic Con this year. While we are extremely sad to hear this, and believe they are making a huge mistake, the party will go on! We were made aware that White Collar would not be paneling about a month ago. At the time, USA had not made the announcement and we were not at liberty to make that known to the fans. However, we continued to plan the party because all of us still want to celebrate our favorite show and meet all the other wonderful fans!

We know that this has come as a surprise to most people (it certainly was to us back in April). Please let USA know how much White Collar is going to be missed at Comic Con this year. Perhaps they will change strategies in 2012. If possible, also let USA know if you are planning to attend our White Collar party so they know how many White Collar fans are dedicated to the show. The best way to reach USA is through their Facebook and/or their Twitter.

We look forward to seeing Psych and Covert Affairs in panel at SDCC and hope the fans of both those shows have a blast! We, like many of you, are fans of most of the USA shows and hope to meet all the other fans at some point (probably while we wait in the lengthy lines haha).

We are sorry you all are disappointed. Trust me, we know how you feel. Nevertheless, White Collar will be represented at the Con with all the awesome costumes, games, and prizes we have in store for you!


3 thoughts on “USA Won’t Send WC to SDCC but Fans Will Be There Anyway!

  1. White Collar fans are the best and Jeff knows that too! I know he was disappointed they won’t be returning this year esp since there are some serious comic geeks in the writers room. The party will still be a celebration of all that we love about the show. Good luck with it! Wish I could be there but I’ll be there in spirit 😉 WHITE COLLAR HOLLER!!! 🙂

  2. teri says:

    Boohoo…I was out of the loop and missed this great event. Maybe next year. 🙂

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