Announcing Our Venue!

We have finally reserved a venue for the White Collar fan party at Comic Con!!

Join us on Thursday, July 21st 8pm at The Lime (Tequila Bar)! The location within walking distance of the convention and we have space for food, drinks, and games!


The Lime (Tequila Bar)- 653 5th Ave. San Diego, CA

  1. From San Diego Convention Center (111 West Harbor Drive Sand Diego CA)
  2. Head southeast on W Harbor Dr towards 1st Ave
  3. Turn left onto 1st Ave.
  4. Turn right onto Island Ave.
  5. Turn left onto 5th Ave.
  6. Destination on the right (The Lime- 653 5th Ave.)

Other Bar Recommendations:

While chatting with the owner of the Lime, we found out she owns a Wine Bar just down the street called The Grape.  While it was not large enough to hold our party, we wanted to make sure you all knew about it.  Be sure to stop by some time during your stay at Comic Con.  I’m sure you’ll find all of Neal and Mozzie’s favorite selection there!


2 thoughts on “Announcing Our Venue!

  1. Good luck! Wish I could be there to meet all the fans but I’ll be there in spirit (not tequila though…pardon the pun! Lol)

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